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The SEO world or Search Engine Optimization or even Search Engine Marketing world is crazy… and we can all admit that. People will say anything to get a slice of your marketing dollars and as a business owner making the right choice on who to trust with your marketing dollars can result in either the success or failure of your business.

Our reputation is very important to us, and i will never put it at risk. This is the biggest difference between us and other SEO companies and this really what you need to know, because we don’t take on just anybody. If we cant add value or achieve your goals we will walk away, it only takes one bad review and its game over, and we are looking to grow, if you are to give me a call ___________.

Our packages start at $2,000, and this isn’t for everyone, but we believe in quality natural work, not quantity, and this takes time. Quality work takes resources which are more costly and we pride our selves of the work we deliver, just give us 3 months to gain traction and you will be happy.

Our team is lean, outstanding, and highly dedicated to achieving your goals, as long as there achievable, and we will be the first to tell you wether they are achievable or not. I have over 10 years of Professional SEO work under by belt stemming from the mum and pop shop to full blown branding campaigns with some of the biggest brands out there (i.e. Chapman University). My partner Danny DeMichele, has 15 years of experience and is a bloody guru when it comes to this, together we are an unstoppable force with a team of over 30 years experience, if you don’t know who he is check him out,

We don’t do long term contracts, as i mentioned before, we are not in the business of taking your money, keep it if your not comfortable with going with us, but give us a call first, be true to yourself, you deserve to know that you can have the best and the best is us!! We have contracts that range from a month (for in-house research/strategy) to several years (for companies that want us to do it all) we leave that up to you, and believe me, we can do it all!!

The biggest take away here is, we dont engage with clients unless we think we can help and our engagements last as long as you need us, that should make you feel more comfortable, want to see if we are a good good fit, lets schedule a time to talk, it never hurts to see where you are and what/where you could be, if we engaged in business with one another. Your business is our business, technically we become partners as your success ensures our success, so we both get to help one another grow, and we all like growth!!

Our SEO packages are all full service, that doesn’t mean you wont be involved, we need you involved. But it does mean we can handle all the execution necessary to rank in Google and Bing/Yahoo. Pricing for full-service engagements start at $2,000/month and go up depending on how competitive your industry is and the goals you are trying to achieve. All the following components are included in every campaign to ensure natural,  and long term,  high quality results:

  • Keyword Research / SEO Strategy
  • On-Page Optimization / Architecture
  • Link Outreach / Link Building
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Local Maps Optimization (If Applicable)
  • Training of In-house Staff

Remember, we cant help everyone, and our reputation is everything, so don’t get mad if we turn you down, we believe in results and if we cant meet your expectations and get you to where you want to be we will let you know, i ll be able to tell you in 5 minutes whether we can help or not, so give me a buzz, or click here and lets get this going….

Kind Regards

Jared Moore

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