A Little About Jared Moore

Like most people, I knew that I had talents at a young age. Growing up, my Dad founded a very successful computer hardware company that later sold to a large Tech company that opened my eyes to the world of computers. I was interested, but not totally obsessed. I would still rather go ride bikes with the rest of the kids on our street.

That all changed when I first discovered the internet and had to create a website for a school project for our computer class taught by Mr. Barkley The basic outline of the project was to create a simple one page HTML website about our favorite hobby. I remember thinking how cool it was to be able to build a website. Instead of building a simple one page HTML site, I took it upon myself to create a full blown 30+ page website complete with navigation and other design elements. Sadly, Mr. Barkley passed away while I was in College, but if it weren’t for his class and my upbringing, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.

Anyways, enough with the biography!

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